Russ Crimewave 2.0 – Drip by Drip

I am going to be as quick as i can with this so you can get to the music
I will be doing some gigs next year with backing – Still just me shouting with an acoustic guitar but with added sounds and instruments – its in its basic stage at the moment but will be ready for the new year.
This track is an old track re-done because of the highly invasive Investigatory Powers Bill which was originally the Data Retention & Investigatory Powers Act – which gave rise to the title Drip By Drip, which has now been put back in the set and will be in the Russ Crimewave 2.0 set – Enjoy – its free – if you cant download it either email from here or  inbox me on my Facebollox page and i will email a copy soon as i can . Lyrics are below.


You can’t do anything without being seen Get followed everywhere you’ve ever been Tracked in the street, snooped on at home They can read everything on your mobile phone Watched in work, your life is scanned There’s an app for that, install on demand They’ve got your passwords, personal information Your banking details and current location Drip drip drip – kiss your rights goodbye You gave them up to the digital spy Drip drip drip – it’ll all become clear Nothing to hide but everything to fear Check into your home with the GPS They know where you are no need to guess They know where you go everything you do The electronic eye is spying on you They’ve got details of everyone Permission granted, damage done Sharing your life and identity The invisible threat to your liberty You opted in, you can’t opt out You ticked agree but did not read A hidden assault on your privacy A surveillance state you cannot see Recorded, filmed,sold for profit You have no choice you must comply Last Exit To Freedom But terms and conditions still apply