An injured hand, an acoustic guitar and a handful of songs and Russ Crimewave was regurgitated from the bowels of punk rock to hurl angry acoustic songs at a sometime beleagured audience often shouting his way thru just written songs which attack anything and anyone that annoys him and not worrying if the audience feels uncomfotable with what he has to say or play.

Unable to play bass guitar and borrowing an acoustic  just to see if he was able to play any stringed instrument at all, he soon realised that  he could play acoustic without any problems and so set about putting some basic tunes together to go with lyrics he had been writing for ages. A few weeks later and a call from the singer of The Commited and he was playing thier album launch party on 2nd Febuary 2013 going down a storm with the few that had assembled early enough to witness his first assault on the ears.

Regularly gigging around London and the South East , occaisionally further away playing many all dayers and  benefit gigs for beer or his train fare home,  he soon got support slots to some bigger bands including:  TV Smith,  Inner Terrestrials, John Ottway  and even Sleaford Mods.
Russ is not afraid to play with bands and performers that do not fit his genre or is it that they don’t fit his? With a sound that is all his own as well, it is hard to pin a label on where his influences lie. Once at a gig he was likened to a punk rock Billy Bragg on steroids and that is probaly trhe closest anyone has come to defining what he does.
Acoustic … Angry Acoustic

Releasing his first single in 2014 after a few compilation appearances, he soon sold out of both the CD and the split vinyl that had been released with Andy H. Contributing to a few other compilations and even having a song of his covered by Skaciety on the “Up The kent”  CD. A couple of all dayers and a festival later and Russ has started what he calls the “Fund A Crimewave” campaign to help to fund the as yet un-named album.

His ultimate aim apart from maybe headlining a sold out show  is to play to one man with a dog on a bit of string
“.. after all once you have done that there is only up” . – Russ Crimewave

“If they’re uncomfotable with my songs then I must be doing something right”. – Russ Crimewave