Album & Gig Update

The new album has been postponed – Having listened back to it and played it at a couple of people i am not happy with it so have scrapped it. Start again time.
REBELLION & UNDERCOVER FESTIVAL – I will be taking a load of T Shirts to both and what I have left of the last album and a few copies of some vinyl comps i am on¬† – I am trying to get a shorrt CD together of new songs but am rapidly running out of time so may use the Demos for the unreleased album as a Rebellion / Undercover only release – so if you are not there – you cant get one ūüôā

More gigs coming up – website will be updated soon – for up to date info please go to my Facebook page


Happy New Fear

What has 2017 got to offer then РWell for a start I will be unleashing Russ Crimewave 2.0 on the world РIt will not be known as Russ Crimewave 2.0,  just Russ Crimewave but shows will (hopefully) be billed as a non acoustic set even tho I will be using an acoustic Рconfused yet?? There will also be a non acoustic album, half of which has already been recording and will contain old and new songs done with a drum and bass backing  (no not D&B) РThere is already a title and  provisional cover art for it. I may, depending on reaction, record an E.P of cover versions that I have done live, not sure on this yet.
Gigs РI have gigs and some  special ones as well (a couple TBC yet) including two festival slot at BLANK GENERATION & UNDERCOVER festivals which I am bloody chuffed to have been asked to play. I am doing a gig with one of my all time favourite bands the night before the Blank Gen festival and they will be headlining that as well.  First gig of the year will be at The Harp Club in Folkestone with The Hose and others yet TBC РThe giglist is updated with CONFIRMED gigs Рsome of them have a headliner to be confirmed, others have a support to be confirmed but I am definite
In 2017 I shall continue to be angry about the state of the world, politicians, other stupid people and numerous injustices in general and will be adding a spoken word piece to some gigs about SMART technology and other surveillance devices that are imprisoning us in our own minds – as a friend said – We are on a prison planet. Sentenced to death, suspend for life.


Russ Crimewave 2.0 – Drip by Drip

I am going to be as quick as i can with this so you can get to the music
I will be doing some gigs next year with backing – Still just me shouting with an acoustic guitar but with added sounds and instruments – its in its basic stage at the moment but will be ready for the new year.
This track is an old track re-done because of the highly invasive Investigatory Powers Bill which was originally the Data Retention & Investigatory Powers Act Рwhich gave rise to the title Drip By Drip, which has now been put back in the set and will be in the Russ Crimewave 2.0 set РEnjoy Рits free Рif you cant download it either email from here or  inbox me on my Facebollox page and i will email a copy soon as i can . Lyrics are below.


You can’t do anything without being seen Get followed everywhere you’ve ever been Tracked in the street, snooped on at home They can read everything on your mobile phone Watched in work, your life is scanned There’s an app for that, install on demand They’ve got your passwords, personal information Your banking details and current location Drip drip drip – kiss your rights goodbye You gave them up to the digital spy Drip drip drip – it’ll all become clear Nothing to hide but everything to fear Check into your home with the GPS They know where you are no need to guess They know where you go everything you do The electronic eye is spying on you They’ve got details of everyone Permission granted, damage done Sharing your life and identity The invisible threat to your liberty You opted in, you can’t opt out You ticked agree but did not read A hidden assault on your privacy A surveillance state you cannot see Recorded, filmed,sold for profit You have no choice you must comply Last Exit To Freedom But terms and conditions still apply


All Fall Down

Sales of the new CD were going spectacularly well when the “secure transaction” function ceased to work coz the bloody cerificate had run out and when do I find this out – 5 days later when someone tells me – loads of site vistors but zero sales – couldnt work it out.

I have now got it running again (thanks technical help for once you were very helpful) so apologies if you were one of the people who tried and failed to get a CD or download. Everything should be working again.


And you thought I was mad

Did you think I was a touch mad when i started this “Fund A Crimewave” thing? Did you think poor deluded fool hasn’t got a hope in hell?¬† Did you think that it is going to fall flat on its face, I know a¬† few people would have liked to see that happen – well fucking hard luck – I thought I would be waiting at least a month if not longer to get some of the cash together for the first CD – but guess what?
11 days into “Fund A Crimewave” and jobs a good un – part 1 almost completed. The CDs are being ordered early next week and yes I am pleased to say, they will be in a Digipak and will be winging their way to everyone who has pre-ordered as soon as they are ready to be sent.
The album proper is coming next so please get voting on what tracks to go on it.
Thank you to all who preordered this CD – Nice one

The Joke’s On Me

I thought it would be quite a laugh to do this “Fund A Crimewave” camapign as a bit of a piss take with the entire idea of it being to release three CD’s. That was it, one bunch of demos, one acoustic album of proper versions of some of the demos plus a few new ones and one “band” album of the same, as reasonably cheaply as I could without stiffing myself for too much money which I haven’t got. I had a look at some real “pledge” or “funding” camapigns and reckoned I could do that on my own, completely DIY from start to finish. The entire lot.

Being as I have a small fanbase and am probably going to end up funding most of the CD’s myself,¬† I thought it would be a jolly wheeze to take the piss out of the real campaigns and add things in like “a guitar string” or “your words recororded” or even a beer stained printed “signed set list” which, lets face it, I could print out any old time take it to the kitchen spill a bit of beer at random and tread on it to give it the authentic “been on the floor at a gig ” look (i haven’t but I could) You could even get yer mitts on “handwritten lyrics” – Yeah I will just take a couple of¬† minutes scribbling out some¬† lyrics i know off by heart, on copy paper, during my lunch break, squiggle my name on it and sell the entire lot for silly amounts of money and if someone was really stupid they could buy my guitar and have a private gig for a grand. I was rolling on the floor laughing my head off at this coz if anyone WAS stupid enough that would be me with a new guitar, all¬† 3 CDs recorded and pressed (small run DIY … remember) and a few quid towards putting on a gig with a reasonable headliner if i could afford it.

Yeah that will be great, everyone will find it funny and realise im taking the piss, maybe pre-order a CD or download and maybe go for one signed (or get it cheaper and get it signed at a gig)¬† or maybe pre-order the last one in a box (for all 3 CD’s) I was going to take the piss a little bit with the box set or the “limited” t shirt and was going to take the proper “piss take” items down after a while. Then something happened. I got a request for some hand written lyrics and a set list and i thought, hold on a sec!!! what the fuck is going on? I have only been doing this a week, someone I know is taking the piss here and has absolutely zero intention of actually wanting the lyrics or set list and are maybe feeling a bit sorry for me and bunging me a few quid without me knowing who they are and just watching me flap about it for shits and giggles. Yeah that’ll be it.

Then I get an e-mail with set of words in it and some pennies bunged into my paypal account I thought yeah it’s definitly someone having a laugh with me,¬† til i noticed the address was in Japan … erm.. they’re fucking serious… what the fuck… so the joke is now on me as I am going to have to do things properly and record tracks for people and hand write lyrics on copy paper. Im just a bit stunned by this so have decided to¬† leave the “no longer a piss take” items up there. I was going to remove them just leaving about 6 options but I am not going to now, so if anyone else had thought about “funding” me thru one of the “joke items” please get in contact first and I’m bloody sure I can sort something out with you that won’t take the piss.

Thank you to the people who have funded this project so far. I can afford to get the CD pressed¬† in a jewel case now but after the “extra funding”¬† I want the first CD “Past Its Sell By Date” to look a bit better so am going to hold back on ordering for a while and hopefully sort it out in a DigiPak and also get a few done in a Jewel Case for those that dont like Digi’s if these are affordable options – thank you for your generosity so far. I ‘m quite blown away by it all.


Fund A Crimewave Update

Nearly halway towards the cheapest option for the first of the CD’s so I am pretty chuffed about that and twould like to do things a little bit better but as this is completely DIY i will get whatever is available for whatever funding I have at the time – even if that means cutting down on the amount of CDs i get pressed, I can always get more if I run out.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.


All Gone Live

We are live – been a bit of a swine the last couple of days getting it all together.
There are still a few minor tweaks and additions to make but nothing major so if you just got here “welcome to my site”
If anyone has any suggestions for improvement to the site or if anything isn’t working how it should then use the contact button above and have a moan or whatever you want to say and I will have a look at it and deciide whether to bin it or reply.


Someone got lucky

I know a few people have found this site before its official release on 12th Sept and a couple of you got lucky yesterday by managing to get the downloads before they were even started so I have made them available as from today. It says pre-order on the button, ignore that, just carry on.

The download has a variable price set so you can pretty much pay what you want – there is however a minimum as i still need to fund the main release. If i could afford to give it away i would. Thanks for taking part and downloading the album.