Still Called Scum Track on Defy Not Comply LP comp red vinyl (Research & Destroy)
Urban Guerilla Download only Hawkwind Cover
Terms & Conditions Apply 3 track Download only
Queen Of The Council Estate – Up The Kent 2xCD Comp – Less Than Worse cover
Race To The Bottom was covered by Skaciety on the same CD
You’re A Terrorist Track on Positive Creed 26 CD comp SOLD OUT
We Are The Enemy / Drugged Up Dumbed Down Split 7” with Andy H (Research & Destroy) SOLD OUT
We Are The Enemy 6 Track CD – Download (Urban Fallout Records) CD SOLD OUT
was also a track on “Cracks In The System” an anti austerity download to aid people affected by the austerity cuts
No Doves Fly Here Download only Mob Cover
Anarcoustic Songs Download only
Buy Consume Repeat Track on Demamessybeardybonk 7” comp – green vinyl (Almighty Beard Records)
Past Its Sell By Date 20 track CD and Download – Available here (Urban Fallout Records)
Fit For Work Track on Never Mind The Nostalgia (Orchestrated Dystopia) – RELEASE DATE TBC
Drip By Drip The first Russ Crimewave 2.0 release with a backing – Download only
Disturbing The Peace In Sheernes Live Download only
Apply Resistance 4 Track download and DIY CDR Available here