I haven’t done a lot of spoken word. My first foray into it was when i forgot how to play one of my own songs so just hit the guitar while i sort of spoke / shouted the lyrics. Then an old artist friend of mine a Mr S MARK GUBB asked me to do a piece for him in Luton. I had busked on the street, so just taking away the guitar, not having to remember lyrics and spouting lyrics at a bunch of unknown passer-bys as a treet preacher seemed right up my street – I of course jumped at the chance. Thanks Mark was a great experience and an amazing afternoon and I rather hope the Mayor enjoyed the part of it he saw

As part of a six-month long project of commissions/talks/projects in Luton, I’ll be staging a new performance on the streets of Luton on May 7th. Working with Ramsgate-based punk musician Russ Crimewave, drawing on the legacy of legendary local punks UK Decay, he’ll be reimagining and recontextualising their words as the bastard son of every street preacher you’ve ever seen. Produced for, and alongside, the performance will be a free publication of UK Decay’s collected lyrics.


Shortly afterwards I was asked if I would do a short rant, similar to the ones I do inbetween songs in my own set, for the upcoming SURGERY WITHOUT RESEARCH album “Grievance” – I asked Andy (singer) how long he wanted it to be he said about a minute and half, fifteen minutes later I had a list of grievances so asked how many songs on the album and managed to do more grievances than there were tracks.
here is the full list of grievances (video at the end)

I Have A Grievance

I have a grievance – A grievance is a wrong or hardship suffered, whether real or supposed, which forms legitimate grounds of complaint. In the past, the word meant oppressive state of things

I have a grievance with a system that treats it’s people with contempt and malice and continually finds ways to threaten and remove the rights of its people in the names of freedom, peace and security

I have a grievance with the corporations, the media, the goverrnment and other outlets that want to keep people ignorant of the world about them by selling deceit and lies and trying to blind people to their own selves

I have a grievance with Sanctioning, which has a flagrant disregard for the effect it will have on a persons life and a Prime Minister that believes pensions are a benefit, ignoring that they were paid for with blood sweat and tears

I have a grievance with survellance, where is the law that says i must be tracked 24 / 7 365 days a year, when did i consent to this and why must i endure it every waking hour – 1984 was a warning not a fucking manual

I have a grievance with an education system that teaches our children to follow orders to obey, to do as your told and if you do these things you will pass a test, the test is all. Where is the allowance for creativity and imagination.

I have a grievance with manufacturers of every day objects that used to be built to last, that are now made with a built in obsolescence making whatever you just paid a fortune for basically useless within a year of you buying it.

I have a grievance with GMO companies for genetically altering our seeds ergo our food and trying to make sure that farmers only buy their seeds from their company thus restricting our choices of food even further

I have a grievance with huge bonuses paid to bosses of companies that are designed to bleed us of as much money as possible forever instead of passing it back onto the end user – giving us more money to waste on whatever we desire

I have a grievance with television and the cult of celebrity who like to think that the world they show you is the only world there is and you’re not good enough to be one of them. False smiles fake people

I have a grievance with mobile technology that can track you anywhere and everywhere you go. You have already given permission for this by agreeing to the terms and conditions that are part and parcel of using the software

I have a grievance with Religion for indoctrinating people into believing fairy stories and worship the beliefs of false idols and who would rather worship someone elses ideas about how to live their life than one of their own

I have a grievance with Authority figures, who try to exert their power over another person without that persons given consent and when consent is refused, other means are tried to manufacture that consent

I have a grievance with being labelled as a domestic extremist or terrorist sympathiser because i do not stand by my governments decision to bomb that fuck out of a country for no reason other than for the profit it will generate

I have a grievance with greed and those capitalist pigs that will screw over their fellow man, pollute their own environment and destroy vast portions of thier own habitat and the world to satisfy their own desires for more of the same.

I have a grievance with racists who are quite willing to destroy a fellow human being because he has different skin colour, talks a different language, follows a different deity or was born into a different culture than they were

I have a grievance with the banking system for creating money out of thin air then conning an entire world into giving up their real wealth, their land, their gold for nothing more than worthless pices of printed paper or cloth

I have a grievance with history as it seems that only that only the victors of wars are remembered and revered and only these men of extreme violence are hoisted onto pedestals to be worshipped deified and crucified before the masses

I have a grievance with people who only see a disability and not the person and traversely with people who see the person not the disability, not all disbailities are visible, not all people are the same

I have a grievance with those who judge others purely on their appearance, what they look like or how they speak. We are unique, we are individual and we should be able express that in anyway we see fit without prejudice or the judgement of others

I have a grievance with lists so i was only able to put these few of far too many grieviences into a poem or song without it appearing to be a list

Yes, I have a grievance.

This video is the only time that the entirity of “I Have A Grievance” has ever been performed. This was used as the intro to a Surgery Without Research set at The Red Lion in Ramsgate